#1. (2019-07-20)
We add two new template.

#2. (2019-07-18)
We have added new function - check users information. Click "Settings" > "Add link to toplist" and click [Info].

#3. (2019-07-16)
We add new Settings - Page option. Default links per page is 10. You can change it. Min 1, max 100 links per page.

#4. (2019-06-23)
We updated Earnings. New earnings partner MobsAds is best Pop-Under ads, highest CPM rate, minimum CPM rate is 0.50 $ They are accept all website, alls country traffic, Adult ads, Daily payment, support 24/7. We recomended try earning with

#5. (2019-05-03)
We updated settings, now you can use toplist in/out click reset.
You can use:
No clicks reset
Reset clicks now
Reset clicks automatically every 12 hours
Reset clicks automatically every 24 hours
Reset clicks automatically every 36 hours
Reset clicks automatically every 48 hours

Also we add new module [reset_time]
This module show when will be reset toplist.

#6. (2019-04-23)
We recommended try it ours website statistic "TOPWAP" counters for your website!! Click here!

#7. (2019-04-12)
Good news! Now you can have 10 HTML files.

#8. (2019-04-06)
Added new domain -

#9. (2018-12-22)
Removed "Pop Under" ads in all toplist.

#10. (2018-11-12)
From now on you will be able to block the site. "Settings>[E] Add link to toplist".

#11. (2018-11-10)
Created Statistic.

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